Gonzalez Architects, founded in 1982 by Jose A. Gonzalez, is an East Coast based firm practicing architecture, interior design, urbanism, and planning. The extensive experience evidenced in our profile includes complex commercial and hospitality renovations, historic preservation, and adaptive reuse ventures.

A resource for information and analysis, Gonzalez Architects operates across varying boundaries to deliver mindful implementation of expert and quality design. The collaborations, spanning over thirty years and a myriad of typologies, have focused on a careful understanding of the dynamic forces at play to deliver viable and sustainable, yet thoroughly engaging work.

The firm has been involved in projects throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East, and is based in Miami, Florida. Contributing to low overhead is the satellite staff in multiple cities in the southeast. We are a small yet highly efficient and productive team, expanding as needed to meet demand.

Always taking a progressive perspective, Gonzalez Architects’ understanding ranges from analysis of existing equity holdings and consulting on strategic implementation of capital across broad portfolios to advising on construction and design related components and rebranding of properties, while successfully and consistently delivering boutique-style architecture and interiors.